This is a 2 part webinar which will take a brief look at the history and development of candlestick charts. We will then learn place candlestick on charts and then how to read those candlesticks. Compared to traditional bar charts, many traders consider candlestick charts more visually appealing and easier to interpret. Each candlestick provides an easy-to-decipher picture of price action. A trader can compare the relationship between the open and close as well as the high and low. The relationship between the open and close is considered vital information and forms the essence of candlesticks. In our final class, we will look at the different candlestick patterns and their interpretations and how to apply these to trading decisions. just launched their new candlestick pattern monitor which will help you find and decipher these patterns as they develop.

Class 1 – The history and development of Japanese candlesticks and the proper set up of candles on your charts. We will look at adding trendlines to and support and resistance to candlestick charts. Then we will learn how to interpret price action with candlesticks.

ETX Capital provides an execution-only service and therefore any market analysis, opinion, commentary or other information which is provided during this webinar is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a personal recommendation or construed as advice.

All traders must understand that there is a high element of randomness to the markets, therefore, they will experience both winning and losing trades whilst following a trading strategy. Different traders following the same strategy will achieve different levels of performance. Past performance is not an indicator of future results.